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Supplemental Draft
Terry drafts Cliff Lee (SP)
Mike drafts Conor Jackson (1B)
Tom drafts Gavin Floyd (SP)
Ron drafts Ryan Dempster (SP)
Joe drafts Ryan Doumit (C)
Don drafts Nate McLouth (OF)
Casey drafts Joe Saunders (SP)
Bill drafts Ryan Church (OF)
Walter drafts Mark Hendrickson (SF)
Patrick drafts Carlos Gomez (OF)
John and Paul draft Jose Lopez (2B)
John and Paul draft Carlos Quentin (OF)
Patrick drafts Greg Smith (SP)
Walter drafts Casey Kotchman (1B)
Bill drafts Joh Rauch (RP)
Casey drafts Vicente Padilla (SP)
Don drafts Salomon Torres (RP)
Joe drafts Tim Redding (SP)
Ron drafts Jose Contreras (SP)
Tom drafts Todd Wellemeyer (SP)
Mike drafts Blake Dewitt (3B)
Terry drafts Ryan Theriot (SS)
Walter drafts Justin Duchscherer (SP)
Tom (from Joe) drafts Milton Bradley (OF)
Don drafts Kyle Lohse (SP)
Tom drafts R. Nolasco (SP)
Casey drafts J. Howell (RP)
Mike drafts H. Bell (RP)
Walter (from Bill) drafts R. Ludwick (OF)
Ron drafts M. Parra (SP)
Patrick drafts M. Pelfrey (SP)
Bill (from Terry) drafts M. Reynolds (3B)
John and Paul draft R. Mahay (RP)

Ron trades R. Betancourt (RP) and J. Broxton (RP) to Don for D. Navarro (C)
Bill trades Orlando Hudson (2B) to Terry for draft pick
Tom trades T. Wellemeyer (SP) and J. Garland (SP) to Joe for draft pick and K. Johjima (C)
Don trades B. Molina (C) to Mike for J. Ellsbury (OF) and C. Buchholz (SP)
Walter trades G. Soto (C) to Bill for A. Pierzynski (C) and draft pick
Tom trades J. Maine (SP) and E. Jackson (SP) to Ron for T. Hunter (OF) and D. Navarro (C)
Tom trades T. Hunter (OF), R. Cano (2B), D. Navarro (C) and C. Villanueva (RP) to Casey for J. Bay (OF) and B. Roberts (2B)
Ron trades J. Dye (OF) and R. Oswalt (SP) to Mike for S. Drew (SS), C. Jackson (1B) and K. Fukudome (OF)
Walter trades M. DeRosa (2B) to Terry for J. Thome (1B) and B. Hawpe (OF)
Three Way Deal -- Tom trades M. Bradley (OF), W. Rodriguez (SP) to Casey: H. Pence (OF) and I. Rodriguez (C) to Patrick
Three Way Deal -- Casey trades V. Guerrero (OF) to Tom; T. Glaus (3B) and C. Villanueva (RP) to Patrick
Three Way Deal -- Patrick trades H. Street (RP) to Casey; J. Mauer (C) to Tom

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