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Supplemental Draft
Bill M. drafts Wade Miller (SP)
Terry drafts Albert Pujols (3B)
Casey drafts Doug Mientkiewicz (1B)
Mike drafts Joe Mays (SP)
Scott drafts Willis Roberts (SP)
Don drafts Ben Davis (C)
Steve drafts Aramis Ramirez (3B)
Marc drafts CC Sabathia (SP)
John drafts Amaury Telemaco (SP)
Ron drafts Kevin Tapani (SP)
Ed H. drafts Chris Michalak (SP)
Ed H. drafts Marty Cordova (OF)
Ron drafts John Olerud (1B)
John drafts Reggie Sanders (OF)
Marc drafts Luke Prokopec (SP)
Steve drafts Jose Hernandez (SS)
Don drafts Bubba Trammell (OF)
Scott drafts A.J. Burnett (SP)
Mike drafts Rob Fick (C)
Casey drafts Dan Reichert (SP)
Terry drafts Mike Matthews (SP)
Bill drafts Bret Prinz (RP)
Steve (from Bill) drafts Oswalt (SP)
Casey drafts AJ Pierzynski (C)
Don drafts Carlos Beltran (OF)
Ed drafts Mark Buehrle (SP)
Ron drafts Josh Towers (SP)
Casey (from Mike) picks Kip Wells (SP)
Steve picks Paul Quantrill (RP)
Marc picks Doug Glanville (OF)
Casey (from John/Paul from Mike) picks Sean Lowe (SP)
Terry picks Ismael Valdes (SP)
Scott picks Paul Abbott (SP)

Ron trades C. Lee (OF) and M. Grudzielanek (2B) to Bill for J. Washburn (SP)
Steve trades Mondesi (OF), Burba (SP), Petrick (C) to Bill for Encarnacion (OF), Reuter (SP), and draft pick
Mike trades Guzman (SS) to John/Paul for Soriano (2b) and draft pick
Casey trades Tim Wakefield (RP) to Mike for draft pick
Marc trades Gary Sheffield (OF) to Terry for Jimmy Rollins (SS)
Scott trades Ellis Burks (OF) to Terry for Corey Koskie (3B)
Mike trades pick to Casey for Aaron Boone (3B)
Steve trades Ugueth Urbina (RP) to Don for Tony Armas, Jr. (SP)
Ron trades D. Graves (SP), L. Hernandez (SP), B. Jordan (OF) to Marc for K. Brown (SP), Dotel (SP), and Chavez (3B)

League Switch Corrections
John Rocker (RP) goes from NL to AL
Steve Karsay (SP/RP), Steve Reed (RP) goes from AL to NL
Vinny Castilla (3B) goes from AL to NL
Neifi Perez goes from National to American League
James Baldwin (SP) goes from American to National League
Andres Galarraga goes from AL to NL
Fred McGriff goes from AL to NL
Albie Lopez goes from AL to NL
Ugueth Urbina goes from NL to AL
Matt Lawton goes from AL to NL
Tomokazu Ohka goes from AL to NL

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