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Supplemental Draft
Don and Ben draft L. Lynn (SP)
Pat and Joe draft S. Casilla (RP)
Mike drafts M. Aviles (SS)
Walter drafts E. Encarnacion (1B)
John and Paul draft F. Rodney (RP)
Casey drafts C. Headley (3B)
Ed drafts J. Hammel (SP)
Ron drafts C. Capuano (SP)
Artie drafts H. Rodriguez (RP)
Artie drafts R. Detwiler (SP)
Ron drafts B. LaHair (1B)
Ed drafts S. Cishek (RP)
Casey drafts J. Westbrook (SP)
John and Paul draft R. Nolasco (SP)
Walter drafts J. McDonald (SP)
Mike drafts J. Vargas (SP)
Pat and Joe draft O. Infante (2B)
Don and Ben draft R. Furcal (SS)
Artie drafts W. Miley (SP)
Mike drafts M. Trumbo (3B)
Artie (from Ron) drafts J. Reddick (OF)
John and Paul draft D. Lowe (SP)
Ed drafts A. Dunn (1B)
Don and Ben draft A. Ellis (C)
Casey drafts K. Jansen (RP)
Joe and Pat draft J. Samardzija (SP)
Walter drafts C. Zambrano (SP)
Mike drafts A. Burnett (SP)
Joe and Pat draft S. Diamond (SP)
Don and Ben (from Ron) draft P. Hughes (SP)
Ed drafts R. Soriano (RP)
Ron (from Don and Ben) drafts I. Desmond (SS)
John and Paul draft A. Rios (OF)
Artie drafts E. Frieri (RP)
Casey drafts J. Parker (SP)
Walter drafts R. Ross (RP)
Joe and Pat draft T. Milone (SP)
Ed drafts H. Bailey (SP)
Mike drafts R. Cook (RP)
Don and Ben draft A. Aceves (RP)
Ron drafts P. Maholm (SP)
Walter drafts J. Smith (RP)
Artie drafts T. Wilhelmsen (RP)
Mike (from Casey) drafts R. Doumit (C)
John and Paul draft D. O'Day (RP)

Artie trades J. Reyes (SS) to Ron for draft pick
Don and Ben trade P. Goldschmidt (1B) to Ron for S. Romo (RP) and M. Prado (3B) -- draft picks swapped
Mike trades A. Beltre (3B) and A. Ramirez (SS) to Casey for D. Uggla (2B), G. Gonzalez (SP), and C. Headley (3B)
Mike trades C. Headley (3B) and C. Santana (C) to John and Paul for B. McCann (C) and M. Reynolds (3B)
Ed trades C. Hamels (SP) and D. Espinosa (2B) to Walter for C. Rasmus (OF) and H. Street (RP)
Joe/Pat trade A. Ethier (OF) to Ron for J. Reyes (SS)
Mike trades S. Choo (OF) to Casey for T. Hudson (SP) and draft pick
Mike trades J. Lucroy (C) to Ron for B. Zobrist (2B)

League Switch Corrections

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